All Day Pre-Conference Workshop

Healthy Sexuality: An Amazing Plan for Sexual Intimacy

April 27, 2017 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Doug Rosenau, Ed.D.

Our sexuality and sexual relationships are designed to be God-reflective, inspired, and directed. The first half of this all-day workshop will explore, in a thought-provoking and fun manner, how the Creator designed our sexually intimate relationships and marital lovemaking to reflect His character of love, beauty, and goodness. He inspired practical ways to enhance intimacy, like staying curious, creating sacred space, and being mindful. There is also a Divine “sexual economy” (household guidelines) with an inside-out, three-dimensional way to live out healthy sexuality. A goal of this workshop is to give many practical concepts for participants to teach in their own communities.

The second half of Healthy Sexuality will cover five keys for expanding the next generation’s view of sexual intimacy. Single adults compose half of the population, but are often not targeted for church leadership and outreach. Single sexuality is foundational for exploring and developing a healthy Christian sexual theology and ethic, but so many myths abound. This workshop will explore five key areas for helping the next generation of single adults develop a more godly and healthy sexual intimacy within their relationships. In this hook-up generation, we must build a stronger sexual theology as we look at: an Inside-Out Approach with an emphasis on heart attitudes and not behaviors, embracing sexual desires and disciplining them—not repressing them; building deeply intimate same and opposite sex relationships with healthy DTRs (Define the Relationship); going to God’s ER to find healing for sexual mistakes and wounds; and developing the concept that Singles Are Sexually Whole and not in a holding pattern until marriage.

Learning Objectives
Participants will:
1. Identify six Divine character traits that can be reflected in our human intimacy
2. Demonstrate four practical ways to enhance marital intimacy
3. Discuss protective guidelines for maintaining healthy sexuality
4. Identify three common myths about single sexuality within the Christian community
5. Demonstrate five practical ways for enhancing sexual intimacy within single relationships
6. Discuss protective guidelines for maintaining healthy sexuality